• Kensi Gounden Helps Make the Legal Profession Better

  • Posted on August 14, 2018
  • Over the course of his long career, Kensi Gounden has provided advice and counsel to boards of directors and senior management in a number of organizations, including law firms and companies, as a way to help them develop and implement the best and most compliant solutions to common problems, including policies and procedures that comply with relatively new and constantly evolving legislation regarding workplace harassment and bullying.

    Kensi Gounden

    Kensi Gounden has also advised company officials about laws related to privacy and document retention issues, and he also offers advice and counsel to company leaders regarding primary risk and liability issues, and he has held numerous in-house training sessions to that end. Kensi Gounden also often leads, or at least assists, with the negotiation of complex agreements involving many different parties, including company executives, company directors, government agencies and departments and public interest stakeholders. He also conducts administrative law hearings for regulatory bodies and private sector businesses.

    Since 1998, Kensi Gounden has worked with the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC), which is a group representing and regulating more than 13,000 lawyers in the province. From his position as manager of the Department of Practice Standards, Kensi managed to lead teams in the strategic planning and change management processes. He helped to develop performance standards designed to lead officials to better monitor performance standards. In the process, he helped to change the Practice Standards Department's approach to regulatory issues, from a reactive posture to one that is more proactive, and he implemented that approach in the Department's overall strategic plan. Now, the Department is better able to identify regulatory concerns and problems before they arise, which makes them more effective.

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