• The Organizational Career of Kensi Gounden

  • Posted on August 14, 2018
  • Kensi Gounden is a pragmatic decision-maker and a strategic thinker with more than a quarter-century of experience as an attorney and a professional manager. Throughout his career, his experience has made him very conscientious about finding the best ways to operate any organization. His goal is always to work closely with the staff at whichever organization he finds himself, to discover and implement the most effective and efficient operations possible.

    Kensi Gounden
    For a long time, Kensi Gounden has been considered uniquely capable of working collaboratively with stakeholders of all sizes and types. Over the years, he has worked closely with staff, of course, but he also has worked side-by-side with company executives and boards of directors. The fact of the matter is, Kensi has extensive experience working inside many complex environments, including his work as a general counsel for the Law Society of BC (British Columbia), which has a mission of regulating more than 13,000 attorneys. In addition, he also has extensive experience working within a private law firm environment.

    In addition to a lot of experience, Kensi Gounden also has a significant education, starting with the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry he earned from the University of Alberta in 1985, and including his Law Degree from the University of Calgary, which he received in 1990. He also passed his Bar Admission Course from the Law Society of British Columbia in 1991. Kensi Gounden formed the Kensi Gounden Law Corporation in 2011 and has run it since. From that platform, he has served as general counsel to a major regulatory agency under the British Columbia Health Professions Act.

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